Buying New Construction Without an Agent Representation Saves Money

Buying New Construction Without an Agent Representation Saves Money

  • Tracey Ross
  • 01/20/23

This myth is a huge misnomer. Most builders account for the commission as part of their marketing budget. They recognize that working with a real estate agent can be a significant source of business and serious buyers that result in a sale, as opposed to tire kickers that wander in to look at models and design ideas. 

It is important for the consumer to remember that the builder represents themselves and only that. They are in the business of selling homes and while they may be concerned with delivering a quality product, the term “quality” can be quite subjective and mean different things to different people. Think of having agent representation as your own personal watchdog to ensure that expectations are being managed.

Consumers’ agents will be the one to suggest bringing in their trusted inspector to thoroughly check out the property at each phase of construction, and help keep the entire process in check from contract to closing. Ridiculous closing fees? A good agent well versed in new construction will be there to call that out. Costs for upgrades that may not make sense? A trusted agent will help the buyer separate the wheat from the chaff and determine what choices offer the most return on investment versus others that should be avoided, or better done after closing with more reasonably priced vendors. 

Why trust the single largest investment you are making to someone that does not represent you?

Source: Inman

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